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About Wytchwood


Wytchwood for PC is an adventure game focused on gathering and crafting set in a fairy-tale world. The production was developed by indie studio Alientrap.


In Wytchwood for PC you play as a mysterious witch living in an ancient forest. The fate of all the people and creatures living in the woods is in her hands—she can choose to unleash her wrath on someone or decide that not everyone needs to learn their lesson by being cursed.


Wytchwood is an adventure game utilizing an isometric view. The gameplay focuses on gathering and growing unusual ingredients (such as fear in a bottle, poisonous mushrooms or newt eyes), which are then used to make spells and potions using the crafting system. It’s worth noting that the recipes for curses can be researched on your own. You can also explore the large fantastical world, full of interesting NPCs, monsters, and puzzles.

Technical aspects

Wytchwood for PC features nice, colorful hand-drawn visuals, which resemble illustrations from children’s books.

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