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About Yoshi


Yoshi is a three-dimensional platformer developed by Good-Fell studio exclusively for Nintendo Switch console and announced at E3 2017. Players again take control of titular Yoshi, a dinosaur-like creature known from Mario franchise. This time he visits a miniature world, filled with varied levels full of challenges that require skill and wits, as well as golden coins to collect.

Game mechanics

Yoshi for SWITCH is a classic platformer with side view, and the main hero can run, jump and throw eggs at enemies and some environmental objects. But the most important and distinctive feature of the game comes from the ability to change perspective from which side we look at a level. Not only does it help us solve environmental puzzles, but also lets us find surprises and alternative paths. Each level can be completed in two different ways, following either main or side path, which encourages player to explore thoroughly.

Game modes

Yoshi can be played as a single player title, but also offers cooperative split-screen mode for two players, each controlling their own with a single Joy-Con.

Technical aspects

Levels in Yoshi for SWITCH are stylized on miniature cartoon dioramas. While this is novelty for Yoshi games, it resembles the style used in Paper Mario series. The hero himself looks more like plushy toys, and the whole game is lively and colorful, a true pleasure to look at.

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